HITMAN - The Complete First Season



Title: HITMAN - The Complete First Season
Developer : IO Interactive
Publisher : Square Enix Feral Interactive
Genre : Stealth
Release Date : 11 March 2016
Modes : Single-Player

HITMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Game Developed By Io Interactive And printed By sq. Enix For Microsoft Windows, Playstation four, And Xbox One. it's The Sixth Entry within the hired gun Series. The Game’s introduction.

Players also can Use Explosives, Or Disguise The Assassination By making A apparently Accidental Death. a typical methodology To Approach A Mission Is To Incapacitate different Characters And Wear Their Outfits As A Disguise.

About this game:
The bald contract killers is back and swinging. Hitman - The Complete First Season bring together all six episodes of the murderous sandbox together in one package you'll be playing for weeks. Distinct locations, decadent and degenerate targets, and one man to put an end to them all.Are you ready to go where you can't to do what're paid for?

Diverse locales, degenerate targets

Hitman - The Complete First Season (PC) takes you on a trip around the world to locations more detailed and rich in opportunities than anything you have seen in the franchise so far.Go to Paris and infiltrate a high-profile fashion show, and stop thieves. Visit the sunny Sapienza in Italy, a beautiful coastal village complete with a lush villa, and an action movie set. In gorgeous Marrakesh you'll chase fraudulent bankers, stop militia leaders, and prevent some corporate espionage. You'll also visit Bangkok to expedite a performers acceptance to Club 27, Colorado to deal with other militias, and finally a trip to Hokkaido will see you visit a luxurious mountain resort.

Sandbox full of opportunities

Each location you visit is huge, ripe with secrets, opportunities, and unorthodox ways of dealing with your targets. You can spend a long time overhearing NPC conversations, discovering your targets' routes and habits, and finally exploiting the environment to make it look like just a very, very unlucky accident.Devise your own plan or accept the suggestions of your handler, pointing out some of the most interesting opportunities to you. Whichever way you choose to complete your mission is going to be the right one.

Beyond the contract

If you're done with your primary targets it doesn't mean you're anywhere near being done with the level. Hitman has plenty of additional content to play through to provide direction to your exploration of the vast and detailed locations.The Escalation Targets are special, curated contracts, introducing additional conditions and limitations you need to follow. Just one disguise, time limits, maybe something specific to do with the bodies. You'll be kept on your toes for a long time.You can also create new assignments in the Contract mode and share them with other players. Pick the target, set kill requirements, and let others try their wits against your challenge.

Tools of the trade

Agent 47 has a wide arsenal of tools and accessories facilitating his jobs, and he can always find use of mundane tools found on the levels.Whether you chose to approach the contract with a fiber wire, a silenced pistol, and a syringe full of poison, or you decide to complete the job with a screwdriver, fire axe, or scissors, 47 is going to make sure any of them are just a deadly as you expect them to be when used properly.Which one will be your tool of choice?

Key features

Hitman - The Complete First Season is an excellent stealth game which has finally received the complete edition collecting all the discrete episodes. Follow the story, take on additional contracts, or just explore the massive levels, discovering secrets and alternative routes you haven't seen before.

Hitman - The Complete First Season features

  • Six massive locations - Hitman takes you on a trip all over the world, to spacious levels capable of hiding secrets and holding multiple independent events
  • Improved stealth - if you're disguised, you can only be recognized by people you're disguised as, why would cooks now the guards, after all
  • Endless content - if the core content is not enough, go for Escalation and Contract modes for more targets and challenges, including community content
  • The full season - no more need to wait for the next episode. Hitman - The Complete First Season brings you the entire first season in one massive package
  • Instinct and Opportunities - if you're new or striving to discover more way to kill, the killing Instinct will show you key elements, while Opportunities are interesting paths to spectacular kills




Processor: 3.3GHz Core i5-2500K / Phenom II X4 940
Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Disk space: 30 GB
System: Windows 7 (64 bit)

Processor: 3.4GHz Core i7-3770 4-Core / FX-8350
Graphics: GeForce GTX 770 / Radeon R9 290
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Disk space: 30 GB
System: Windows 10 64Bit

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